How to Select the Best Country for Your Offshore Business

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 06/05/2017

I’m often asked, “which is the best country to setup my offshore business?” This is a multifaceted question and I don’t think the answer has ever been precisely the same for any two clients.

Here’s a brief overview of an analysis I use to help my clients select the best country for their offshore business.

Where to Incorporate Your Offshore Business

For maximum asset protection, it should be in a country different from where you’re operating the business.

How to Set Up a Business Offshore

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 01/23/2014

If you’re an entrepreneur with high net worth, you may be interested in setting up an offshore businesses sooner or later. However, potential scrutiny from the IRS, SEC and other legislative agencies could be serving as the primary deterrent.
Giving up on establishing an offshore plan for personal asset protection isn’t entirely necessary; there are three steps that you can take to safely move your enterprise overseas.

Start Your New Business with Help from an International Lawyer

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 11/19/2013

When you are starting a new business, you may wonder whether it is in your best interest to create an offshore corporation.

Whether you are thinking about the British Virgin Islands, Belize or Bermuda as a place for starting your offshore corporation, it is always a good idea to consult with lawyers who have extensive knowledge of international laws and taxes.

What Types of Businesses Lend Themselves to Going Offshore?

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 07/11/2013

Investors who are considering investing in offshore businesses may have trepidation regarding the type of business to invest in.