How to Use Dynasty Trusts in Modern Asset Protection & Estate Planning

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 06/14/2017

The development of the modern-day trust stems from the early Middle Ages during the time of the Crusades when wealthy knights went off to liberate Jerusalem for Christendom. It is the oldest form of legal "structure" or creation of a juridical person under English Common law predating partnership and corporations by hundreds of years.

Discover How Valuable Estate Planning for Your Trust Can Be

Posted by: Joel Posted Date: 10/24/2013

Estate planning when a trust is involved may seem like a daunting task to investors who just want to provide for their families and other beneficiaries in the simplest way possible. But a small amount of planning goes a long way. If set up improperly, trusts can easily be abused by beneficiaries or creditors, completely defeating the intents of those who started them.
Here are some of the ways that estate planning ensures the assets you place in trusts actually serve your purposes.