Should I Hire an Internationally Versed CPA to Protect My Assets?

There are some basic issues that you can probably handle without an attorney or a CPA, such as establishing foreign bank accounts, buying precious metals and buying and owning foreign real estate. However, as your asset portfolio grows beyond the $250,000 threshold, you may find yourself facing complex global matters that must be addressed in order to grow and protect your wealth.

These matters can include:

• International relations
• Export and import laws
• Foreign investments
• International business transactions and contracts
• Formation and development of business structures
• Obtaining proper licenses and permits
• Finance and bank laws
• Intellectual property
• Insurance and liability
• Foreign litigation
• International arbitration
• Formation of international asset-protection trusts
• Foreign “retiree” laws

Accordingly, you should retain professionals who know the best practices relating to foreign taxation, investments and business laws and regulations that you may have to abide by as a U.S. citizen. There are not many domestic business attorneys and CPAs who are intimately familiar with international business laws and regulations.
The international law firm of Nagel & Associates, LLC has been specializing in international business law, tax planning, business transactions and asset protection for more than 20 years.

Founding and managing partner Joel M. Nagel and domestic and international tax planning attorney Christopher K. Braun have more than 40 years of combined experience helping business and individuals expand their investment portfolios and secure their assets. Mr. Nagel and Mr. Braun can assist you in selecting:

  • The best country in which to conduct your type of business;
  • The best on-shore and off-shore investments; and
  • The best legal and financial structures that will help reduce taxes, increase wealth and protect assets.

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