Consider an International Business Company (IBC) for Asset Protection

International Business Companies, or IBCs, are corporate structures. They can be used for any kind of business, including investment businesses for passive investments or an active business that involves a trade, profession or service. Individuals can create their own International Business Company to serve as a solid investment tool.

Having Your Own IBC Can Provide Many Benefits to Investors

If a person is prohibited from engaging in certain types of transactions, an IBC can allow them access to several services. For example, an International Business Company owner can often open up his or her own bank account, brokerage account, investment fund and other financial instruments in the foreign country.

Creating an IBC can provide many advantages to investors while not relying on the domestic economy of your homeland. Additionally, some countries do not allow individuals who are not citizens to purchase real estate. Creating an International Business Company may help you avoid these restrictions because you are purchasing real estate through the company.

Asset Protection & Integration in a Foreign Country Through an IBC

Creating an International Business Company also allows a person to protect assets without relying on the conditions of his or her own country. Your own country may currently be affected by inflation, a slow economy, high unemployment rates or a lower value for its form of currency. Creating an IBC assists a person in developing a strong asset protection strategy that is not affected by the isolated effects of your own country.

Another benefit of creating an International Business Company is that this action can demonstrate your intention of further integrating yourself into the new country. This action helps show officials that you are interested in promoting business in the new country and that you are serious about living and working in the country. This may make it easier to gain citizenship or residency status.

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