Joel Nagel, J.D, L.L.M, Founder and Managing Partner

Joel Nagel

Joel Nagel is founder and managing partner of the international law firm of Nagel & Associates, LLC.  The firm is Pittsburgh’s first law boutique focusing exclusively on international asset protection, estate planning and overseas commercial transactions.  Our motto is “We represent US capital abroad.”


With offices in Sewickley, near Pittsburgh, Nagel & Associates has grown 30-fold in business activity since its inception in 1992.  In addition to his work as a lawyer, Mr. Nagel is known as a visionary and dealmaker providing international business leverage for leading corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals.  He has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and debt for projects all over the world.

Recent Success

Among Mr. Joel Nagel’s successes is structuring the 2,500-acre, Gran Pacifica hotel resort complex in Nicaragua for an investor group. He also has structured a three-acre , Belize; helped create the first African and Central American motorbus distribution facility for a major US bus line; and established worldwide financial institutions for banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and mutual funds abroad.

Entrepreneurial Instincts

Joel Nagel serves on the boards of 15 client-companies, and is involved with strategic planning initiatives directed toward growth and “best practices” management.

With an investor’s perspective, Mr. Nagel also has helped fund technology ventures.  He has served on the advisory board of the Western Pennsylvania Adventure Capital Fund, which invests in early stage, mostly technology companies in southwestern Pennsylvania, as board president of the Nicaraguan Development Corporation, as an advisory board member of the Oxford Club and Ireland-based Sovereign Society and the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation in Nicaragua.

Much of Mr. Nagel’s focus is on helping clients select the right jurisdiction for a transaction and the best vehicle to reduce taxation and protect assets, such as joint ventures and other international legal structures.  He has pioneered the licensing of international structures for foreign banks, mutual funds, hedge funds and insurance companies. He created the firm’s Personal Asset Protection Program? and has developed sophisticated international estate plans encompassing trusts, foundations, corporations, LLCs, partnerships and insurance products.

Sound Legal Advice