How You Can Benefit from International Offer Structures

Any person who is interested in investing overseas or has ties there, such as dual citizenship or a transfer to a foreign office, may benefit from establishing an international office structure as an investment vehicle. One way to do this is via platforming, which means setting up a holding company to own property. There can be legal, economic and privacy benefits to establishing a holding company. Once the primary company is established, it may be possible to create subsidiaries to purchase and hold additional investments. As a person’s investment changes over time, so can their subsidiaries

Why Investing in Brazil Now is a Smart Choice for Your Future - Part 2

Looking at Brazil as a viable country to open foreign investments may be a smart move for some individuals. Finding a trusted investment firm can help people to feel more secure in their investments before proceeding. The Internet is a great way to find reputable companies by way of their websites, and companies will usually send additional information upon request. offers material such as brochures and reports, and they make it their policy to consistently provide a low-pressure environment to their clients. That way, investors will feel comfortable with their chosen firm and are more apt to do the proper research prior to investing.

Why Investing in Brazil Now is a Smart Choice for Your Future - Part 1

Investors looking to expand their foreign portfolios may wish to explore some of the benefits that investing in Brazil has to offer. The first step in opening overseas investments is getting to know the market where you plan to invest. The next step is finding trusted and reputable people in the area with whom to work. Then, it is important to look at the products offered in a given area. The country has coconut plantations and neem trees that are ripe for long-term investments to provide growth for generations to come.

When Should You Consider Using an Offshore Account?

Investors may ask how many assets they should have when they are considering adding offshore accounts to their investment portfolio. The actual number of assets that an investor should have can vary depending on the circumstances. However, about $3 million in assets is usually required to make offshore structures worthwhile due to the costs and fees that are related to the establishment of these types of accounts. Additionally, individuals who have more than $5 million in assets should strongly consider using an offshore account to protect their assets from being subject to estate tax.

Opening Up the Secret World of Hedge Funds

If you owned a tech sector mutual fund in recent years, you saw your portfolio lose on average 34% of its value. Compare that with a variety of technology hedge fund that posted 20% to 35% gains. The Nasdaq lost 29% of its value while hedge funds on average returned an 8% gain. In 12 out of the last 14 years, hedge funds have out performed the markets as well as the average returns for stock mutual funds.